Billy Stetzel, Sherman College of Chiropractic

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we announced the first recipient of the Foxworth Family Scholarship. This past weekend at the FCA The National Convention in Orlando, Florida, Kristi Hudson introduced attendees to William (Billy) Stetzel, this year’s recipient from Sherman College of Chiropractic. Billy received $10,000 towards his tuition and $5,000 in cash to offset his living expenses and further his education outside of the classroom. An additional $10,000 was donated to the school.

Three years ago, Kristi and I sat in the conference room and brainstormed ideas about how we could support the chiropractic profession on the student level. In the days leading up to this meeting of the minds, we had been discussing the rising costs of chiropractic school compared to when I graduated in 1985 and when my parents graduated in the 1960s.  I wanted to honor my parents’ perseverance and their legacy and help ease the financial burden for a student who was pursuing their dream to become a chiropractor.

Each year, I am impressed by the students who tell their stories of why they became chiropractic students. They speak passionately of their drive to have an impact on campus, in their communities, and on this great profession. Billy is no exception. In the days after Billy was selected as the recipient of the scholarship, I learned more about the man who would represent the scholarship in the coming year. Like myself, he is part of a chiropractic family. His father is a 1983 Sherman College of Chiropractic graduate. His mother sits on the college’s board of trustees, and his sister is currently a student at Sherman as well.

When notified that he was the recipient of the scholarship, his initial response touched my heart. “It is such a blessing and an honor to be awarded this scholarship,” Billy said. “My biggest hope in receiving it is that one day, I can give it back to the profession both financially and through service.” Billy will be headed to Hawaii with his wife in a few months to complete his externship before graduating from Sherman. Upon graduation, he will return to his home state of New Jersey where he plans to work with his parents until he opens his own practice.

Giving back to a profession that has meant so much to me has been part of the mission of ChiroHealthUSA from the day we opened our doors. I am incredibly proud of Amber Horsely, our 2016 scholarship recipient and Billy Stetzel, our 2017 scholarship recipient. I am confident that they will both do great things for our profession.

ChiroHealthUSA Foxworth Family Scholarship

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