Dr. R. A. Foxworth, FICC, MCS-P

Dr. R. A. Foxworth, FICC, MCS-P

We’ve passed the October 1, 2015 ICD-10 implementation deadline!

Do you feel like celebrating, or lying down and taking a nap?

This has been a crazy time for chiropractors and for the state associations who serve them. Your members have likely been inundating you with calls and emails with questions, pleas for help, referrals to training resources, questions, and more questions. You and your team have fielded them all, and there’s no question you deserve some rest.

But, truly, this is the moment to step up, not step back and relax.

Post-implementation, your state association members are likely to be struggling with delayed reimbursements, kicked-back claims, and playing catch-up with all the issues they may have let slide while tunnel-vision focusing on ICD-10. They need you more than ever.

Your members will be looking to you to lead the way in this brave, new post-ICD world. They’ll want the latest information on regulatory changes, access to subject-matter experts, and to be kept up to date on chiropractic’s latest twists and turns. The webinars that ChiroHealthUSA offers also minimize members’ time commitments and cost. And the good news is, all we have is YOURS TO USE! Here are just a few examples.

Terminology, Protocols and Specificity of ICD-10” with Dr. Mario Fucinari

ICD-10 Threatens Chiropractic Reimbursement” with Drs. Evan Gwilliam and Alan Bergquist

The Fundamentals of Coding and Strategies for Proper ICD-10 Implementation” with Brandy Brimhall.

We now also offer our informational ChiroHealthUSA webinar “Risky Business” on demand and the process to submit a provider agreement is easier than ever with a speedy online application.

Let your members know that becoming a ChiroHealthUSA provider costs nothing for the doctor with an affordable $49 fee per patient family per year that most patients recover quite easily in the first patient visit. If your association is already on board with ChiroHealthUSA, thank you! And, please give us a call if you or your team need a refresher on how we can work together to keep your members educated, informed, and generating revenue for your association.