Presented by Dr. Fab Mancini
Tue 9/15/2020 ● 1:00 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Dr. Fab Mancini

During this unprecedented time and the opioids crisis on the rise, hear Dr. Fab Mancini as he presents effective was to communicate with the public and offer them solutions that they are looking for.

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to be an effective communicator with your patients and community. You will learn the rule of three in Chiropractic communication: Be Simple, Be Brief, and Be Relevant.
  2. How to leverage technology that is effective and complement the adjustment. The consumer is obsessed with technology for healthcare needs.
  3. How to leverage the most popular natural pain relief searches in Google to invite patients to your office and improve their clinical outcomes.

This webinar is brought to you by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and generously sponsored by ChiroHealthUSA.


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