Presented by Michael Coates, Esq.
Tue 6/09/2020 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Michael Coates, Esq.

Most PI-related medical liens leave providers and their bills dangerously exposed to patient attorneys who can’t wait to take advantage of medical providers. For example, a lien agreement that’s missing financial responsibility disclosures or key provisions about MedPay and PIP assignments, interest accrual, where any lawsuit arising from a breach is located, and attorney signatures and fees — means you’re losing legal leverage — and money. Michael Coates, an attorney and the top lien negotiations expert in the field, will give a step-by-step analysis of what’s been called the industry’s most thorough medical lien agreement for protecting your financial interests in PI so you aren’t taken advantage of if (more like when) things go south with many PI attorneys.


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