Presented by Dr. Ty Talcott
Tue 3/19/2019 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Dr. Ty Talcott

Dr. Ty, the HIPAA guy, has just completed the most recent HIPAA and cybersecurity symposium in Washington D.C. and will be going over the latest updates relative to changes and enforcement.

  • The latest updates from the most recent Washington DC cybersecurity symposium
  • About Ransom attacks that can close your office and get you fined by the government for a HIPAA violation
  • The latest information regarding how doctors get caught, the type of fines they face, and how to protect your practice
  • Why patient HIPAA complaints (and disgruntled employee complaints) have increased over 300% per year, resulting in a massive increase in fines
  • Required contents of a HIPAA compliance manual

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