New Patient

To all ChiroHealthUSA Providers:

Beginning on March 6, you will notice some new features for enrolling patients online. Learn more below.

You may recall, we sent a letter to you in January announcing that changes were coming to the ChiroHealthUSA patient enrollment process due to updates in federal privacy laws.

Unfortunately, change is inevitable, especially in healthcare. We’ve tried to make these new steps as easy as we can while still complying with ever-changing regulations. New enhancements include:

  1. HIPAA Form required for all ChiroHealthUSA enrollments (with Pop-Up reminder)
  2. New Membership Application with a “Consent to Communicate” option (with Pop-Up reminder)
  3. Ability to print patient membership cards and welcome packets on-demand in your clinic


As required by HIPAA, patients who enroll in ChiroHealthUSA must now sign a HIPAA Privacy Form acknowledging that they understand that all their personal information will be protected by ChiroHealthUSA. You may download the HIPAA form on your provider resources page or click here to download the form.


We have also updated the patient enrollment form to include a consent box that allows patients to indicate whether we may communicate with them about their memberships. This will allow us to assist with the renewal process as requested by over 90% of our providers. When the NO box is checked, no electronic communications will be sent to the patient from ChiroHealthUSA. Effective March 6, if you have any previous versions of the ChiroHealthUSA enrollment form, please discard them and use the appropriate revised form available for download on your provider resources page.

Because of these new forms, as you enroll patients, you will see two new fields that you will need to complete. There is a HIPAA form acknowledgment section and a communication consent acknowledgment section.

To help remind you about these new requirements, we have added pop-up boxes so that you can verify those acknowledgements as you enroll patients. Acknowledgment of the signed HIPAA form is required for you to proceed with enrolling the patient, but the patient does not need to consent to communication in order for you to enroll them.


And to help make it easier for you to print out membership cards for your patients at the time of enrollment, you’ll see a PRINT CARD button. We’ve even added a PRINT MEMBERSHIP PACKET feature for those patients who would rather not wait to receive their emailed or mailed fulfillment packages directly from ChiroHealthUSA.

And, you can print a membership packet anytime a patient requests one. You’ll now see a PRINT PACKET button on your clinic’s roster of patients.

We have always promised you that we would run TOWARD regulations, rather than try to find a way around them. That is how we stay compliant, and why we are so committed to helping you stay compliant, too. Please feel free to contact us if you need help navigating these new enhancements.