Dr. R. A. Foxworth, FICC, MCS-P

Dr. R. A. Foxworth, FICC, MCS-P

Do you or any of your friends belong to Sam’s Club or Costco? If so, you already know how it works. Shoppers become “members” for a low annual fee. In exchange, they receive discounts, often deep ones, on groceries, furniture, electronics, vitamins, and bottles of condiments as big as their heads. Members love to shop these stores, and are loyal and enthusiastic. How many times have you heard someone brag about the price they paid for gasoline at the affiliated pumps, or tout the wonders of Costco organic corn popped in coconut oil?

What if you could offer your underinsured and uninsured patients preferred fees like that? What if you could extend legal discounts on maintenance, wellness, and preventive care? What if your patients were so excited by the affordability of your practice and the difference your care makes in their lives that they bragged about it and posted about it on social media?

That’s exactly what happens for your colleagues who become ChiroHealthUSA providers. They win over patients who stay, pay, and refer.

ChiroHealthUSA is a provider-owned network designed with doctors in mind. Our network model works in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) to allow you to offer legal, network-based discounts to cash, under-insured and “out-of-network” patients who are members.

Members covered by Medicare and federal programs are eligible for discounts on non-covered services. The network approach to discounts reduces the risks of compliance and OIG violations related to inducements, improper down-coding, dual fee schedules, and potentially inappropriate time-of-service discounts.

This graphic shows just how it works. When you become a ChiroHealthUSA provider, you can offer your patients the same kinds of discounts off your actual fee schedule that the insurance companies expect. And, unlike an insurance company, you don’t have to limit discounted care to “medically necessary” treatment or a ridiculously abbreviated timeline of visits. Your patients can receive the care they need and deserve, for as long as they want it.


There’s no cost to you or your practice to become a ChiroHealthUSA provider. The patient pays a single $49 annual membership that includes everyone in their immediate family, a cost often recovered on the first visit. ChiroHealthUSA isn’t a replacement for health insurance, but it’s a tremendous boon to those whose coverage is limited, and to the 30+ million people the U.S. Census Bureau estimates are still without health insurance at all due to the high cost of premiums and deductibles.

Click here to find out more about how becoming a ChiroHealthUSA provider at no cost to your practice allows you to offer legal discounts to help your patients pay for the care they need and deserve.