25325109_MDon’t you love a fresh start! Push the reboot button, sweep the past to where it belongs and step forward with new resolve. It’s exciting just imagining where this could lead us.

And a great place to start is with a visit to your chiropractor. When your spine goes back into alignment, it reconnects the central nervous system tucked inside with your brain and your body’s receptors. It’s like two old friends falling over themselves, putting everything back in order!

But the healing doesn’t end there. That is what chiropractors wish more of their clients took to heart, reinforcing the stage set in the office. It’s a jump-start to a full life … if you follow through.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Chiropractic care is proactive, not reactive to symptoms. Don’t wait for back pain to send you to the chiropractor. Regain the balance that will prevent the pain in the first place! (Too late? Chiropractors’ success in easing chronic pain is well-documented, and the subsequent changes often prevent a relapse.)

• Your chiropractor often can tell you what put your spine out of alignment and what you need to do to prevent it from happening again. Stand tall – posture counts. Eat better. Get a good night’s sleep. These aren’t just the obligatory follow-up to a chiropractic session. They are your marching orders, decreasing inflammation, training the spine to stay in position, and giving your body the resources it needs to heal itself.

• Don’t fall into the same old habits expecting different results because you had an adjustment. If sitting at your desk for eight hours straight with hardly a bathroom break brought you to the chiropractor, make some positive changes. Set a timer, and every hour, get up and walk around the room a couple times. Buy sensible shoes. Pick up a body pillow that keeps your spine in position while your body recharges every night.

• Live life to the fullest! Enjoy all the restored mobility, new energy, and a nervous system firing on all cylinders. And when someone notices, let them know what gave you a fresh start on life. According to the Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic 2018 report, the vast majority of people who visited a chiropractor for the first time did so on the recommendation of a friend. Be that friend – not a bad way to start a new year!