71404568 - excited family on a road trip in car, rear passenger povWhether you’re hitting the road, the rails or the sky for your next trip, it’s best to do some planning ahead of time to make sure you arrive at your destination feeling good and ready to have fun! Travel can be hard on your back and body, but there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent strain.

Most importantly, make sure you don’t stay in the same position for too long. If you’re driving, stop every two or three hours to get out and move. Stretch your arms, legs and back. Take brief, brisk walks. If you’re on a road trip, take turns driving. If you’re flying or taking a train or bus, try to get up occasionally. Cramped seating areas are notorious for putting strain on your back and knees, so stretch out and move as often as you can. Upgrade to seating with extra legroom or reclining options if you have a history of issues.

Hydration is another key to comfortable travel. Pack a refillable water bottle and use it! Avoid too many caffeinated drinks and/or too much alcohol, which can lead to dehydration. Stay aware of your body as you travel. Pay attention to the way you sit and whether you’re keeping tension in your muscles. Try to stay relaxed and loose, especially if your trip involves a tight schedule. Be aware of your breathing and do so deeply every few hours. Count to 10 as you take deep breaths and release tension in your jaw, arms, back and legs.

General mindfulness can be a tremendous help when you’re traveling. Seeking chiropractic care before and after your trip also can prevent or treat any problems that arise. Bon voyage!