31065824 - family playing soccer in park togetherLet’s talk about back health. No, not your back health. Your kids’ back health.

As odd as it sounds, reports of back pain are becoming much more common among children. In fact, by the time your child gets to age 15, he or she has a significant chance of suffering from back pain. Nobody wants that, but you can play a big part when it comes to avoiding this kind of unhappy outcome.

  1. Start out by setting the foundation for a strong, healthy spine and core when your children are young. Always make sure the backpack your child is wearing is not causing injury.
  2. Remind them to practice proper posture. Modeling this will be good for your spine, too. Remember that proper posture isn’t just about standing up straight when you are walking. Your kids (and you too!) need to watch their posture when they are working on their computer, playing a video game, or watching television. Make a rule that everyone has to take breaks from the electronics to get up and move around at regular intervals.
  3. Finally, promote physical activity. Don’t just encourage your young ones to go out and play. Make daily exercise a part of your family’s routine.

Do these things and your children will be much more likely to have healthy backs for the rest of their lives. It’s never too early to start taking steps toward better health.