by Amber White

ChiroHealthUSA Social Media Specialist

It has been a rallying cry by healthcare providers for years. Your body needs proper exercise in order to maintain optimal health. The scientific research that can be found, and the pros of working out, seem to be endless. Who wouldn’t want a leaner, stronger frame with the added benefits of lowered blood pressure and decreased the potential risk of disease? That being said, why is it we’d rather do just about anything else (like trim our toenails using our own teeth as a few have passionately stated online) than step foot inside a gym? Lack of motivation is the answer! Many of us have yet to find an extreme enough reason to leave the comfort of our own homes. Here are a few tips to help you combat the mental fatigue of deciding to exercise today.

Wear Workout Clothes

No one wants to go through the added effort of changing into additional clothing, so if at all possible, start your day out in workout apparel. You’ll feel more motivated to go for that walk, whether it’s to show off your cute outfit or fight the guilt of changing out of your workout gear without at least working up a sweat in it first.

Try to Remember Why You Began

Whether it was at a doctor’s prompting, or a decision to become a better you, you decided to start your fitness journey for a reason. Tap into that inspiration as you lace up your running shoes. It would be a shame to not accomplish your goals because you couldn’t overcome the urge to stay on your sofa.

Get an Accountability Partner

Your accountability partner has similar goals as you; to be the best version of you. Partners motivate each other to keep going (or just to get started in many cases) when one would much rather binge-watch a favorite show than do reps in a gym. Having someone who is relying on you, might be that extra push you need to get your exercise in for that day.

Explore Your Options

Not everyone wants to spend their fitness time in a gym. Lucky for us, you can get exercise just about anywhere you are. Prefer not to spend time seemingly going nowhere on a treadmill? Take a walk or bike around your neighborhood instead. Lifting weights, not your thing? Try utilizing the strength of your own body by taking a yoga or Pilates class. Love to dance? Classes such a Zumba or Dancercise may be the right fit for you! Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that you’ll enjoy and can commit to doing long-term.