19632371 - young businesswoman sitting on chair and holding her back in painWhile several things can lead to back pain, one of the common causes is bad posture. Although sitting with poor posture for a short period of time may not have any noticeable downsides, over time this bad habit can lead to pain. Poor posture while standing, sitting, or lying down, can “lead to anatomical changes in your spine. This, in turn, can provoke back pain through the constriction of blood vessels and nerves.”

The good news is, while poor posture can lead to back pain, good posture may help correct the issue. However, it can be difficult to develop new, better habits. A chiropractor can be essential when you’re trying to commit to better posture. They can adjust your spine back into place, and offer tips on how to improve your posture and what exercises or stretches you can do to alleviate any issues you may be having.

You may need to adjust your desk setup or sleeping conditions. You may also have to rethink the way you stand and walk. Proper ergonomics can help you naturally have better posture at your desk. And, when you sleep, you may need to change your pillow height for correct neck alignment, or add a knee pillow for when you sleep on your side. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you may need to condition yourself to switch to your back or side, since stomach sleeping can be the hardest on your body. When you’re standing or walking, make sure your shoulders aren’t leaning forward and that you’re not looking downward. “Keep your head balanced straight above your spine.”

It is easy to develop bad habits, and often times, it can be twice as hard to start new ones. But, with the help of a chiropractor, and a little willpower, you can make these changes. If bad posture is causing your pain, it’s time to start correcting it today!