35171048_SWe’ve all been there. Tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed, awake far past the time when our body wanted to be in dreamland.

Even the most luxurious hotel pillowtop just isn’t the same as your bed at home. So we thought we’d share some tips to help you get some sleep on the road, whether your insomnia strikes at the Four Seasons or on a pull-out sofa.

Invest in some ear plugs

One of the biggest factors in bad sleep away from home is noise. It may be even quieter than your home, but the noise is different. Invest in some quality, comfortable ear plugs to help keep odd noises at bay.

Avoid a nightcap

Alcohol actually inhibits REM sleep. Ever woken up completely exhausted after a night drinking? It’s because your body can’t get into the most restful sleep zone. Avoid drinking before bedtime.

Don’t take your phone to bed

Screens are the enemy of sleep. The bright light will keep you up. Not only that, but using your phone or other device in bed can put your neck at a very awkward and uncomfortable angle, leaving you stiff and sore in the morning.

Still tossing and turning? Try stretching

If you are still tossing and turning after 15 minutes, get up, move around for a few minutes and try some gentle stretches. Keep the lights low, and then try returning to bed.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Would an extra pillow or two help you get more comfortable? Is it too hot? Or maybe your room is too close to a highly trafficked area and the noise or vibrations are keeping you up. It never hurts to ask to be moved to another room or for some extra pillows. Get what you need to get comfy!