18906217_MThe heat of summer has arrived, and while the sizzle can feel great, it can also be damaging to your joints. Follow these tips to keep your joints happy and healthy so you can enjoy all the season has to offer.

Stay hydrated

Your joints need lubrication to move properly, and that means you need to be properly hydrated! Up your water intake for the summer, and make sure to use plenty of sunscreen so your skin doesn’t get dehydrated with sunburn. Make sure you are watching how much salt and alcohol you consume as well. You don’t want them to dry you out!

Watch the weather

Humidity and barometric pressure have been shown to increase joint pain. They interfere with the joints’ baroreceptors. If you can, avoid conditions that involve high humidity and low barometric pressure, such as before a storm. If you can, seek out the climate-controlled indoors until the weather event passes.

Get some support

Summer activities seem full of uncomfortable seating. Trying to lounge at an outdoor concert, be comfy in the bleachers at a ball game, or recline comfortably by the pool are all very difficult without the right support for your spine. Be sure to take a cushion, rolled up towel, or whatever you need to make sure you are giving yourself the support your spine needs.

Keep in touch

We know that summer gets busy, but your doctor of chiropractic still wants to see you! Don’t let your treatment lapse due to summer activities. Let them know what you’ve got going on, and they can work around your schedule. And be sure to let them know what upcoming activities you have as well. They can help you brainstorm plans to mitigate the impact on your joint health.