14242976_MDid you know November is National Gratitude Month? It makes sense, of course, with Thanksgiving coming ‘round at the end of the month. But as you learn more about the benefits that come with an attitude of gratitude, you might think about making it a year-round venture!

It’s not always easy. Bombarded with distressing news, we often lose sight of all that is good in our world. Ironically, as your chiropractor might point out, bringing an attitude of gratitude into your journey to well-being could prove the catalyst to a more fulfilling life.

Start with a gratitude journal, taking time each day to write down five things you’re grateful for in your life. While you might struggle at first to find five, the effort will put your mind on alert, watching for those bursts of joy. And it’s not unusual, after a few weeks, to find yourself picking the top five in a flood of blessings.

Here’s another trick: Put a small pebble in your pocket, and every time you touch it, think of something that’s left you grateful. And what can you expect in return?

A sunnier disposition! Giving thanks – or even the simple act of acknowledging blessings – can drive away the negative emotions that bog us down. Numerous studies show we have less stress and more self-esteem when we adopt an attitude of gratitude. Even better, it’s contagious, with those around us picking up on our newfound joy.

Better health! Grateful people are more likely to exercise, engage socially and seek professional health care when needed, which is music to your chiropractor’s ears. A University of Utah study found that being grateful increased the number of immune-boosting blood cells. Other studies, including one published in the American Journal of Cardiology, found an optimistic attitude resulted in a healthier heart. And it is a great way to make the most of the balance that comes with a spinal adjustment, putting mind, body, and spirit in satisfying sync.

We could go on. You’re going to sleep better, stand taller and, with an increased sense of empathy, probably reach out more to those in need. So why confine an attitude of gratitude to a single holiday or even the whole month? Make it a permanent part of your life, another piece of the puzzle that leads to a joyful, healthy life.