42109684 - senior hispanic woman with backacheAre you suffering from back pain? These bad habits can cause and/or exacerbate the pain you’re in.

1. Wearing the wrong shoes: Yes your footwear can actually be connected to back pain. Flip flops can hurt you by not providing arch, heel, or ankle support. High heels can cause misalignment and stress to your lower back. Your footwear really should support your specific needs. Talk to your chiropractor for recommendations.

2. Committing posture no-nos: A little bit of bad posture may not feel painful in the moment, but frequent repetition of poor posture can lead to a lot of pain. It puts stress on your muscles, joints, and discs.

3. Smoking: A study showed that there is actually a link between lower back pain and smoking. “In fact, smokers have a 300% greater incidence of having chronic back pain.”

4. Not lifting correctly: Lifting incorrectly can cause muscle, joint, and disc injuries. It’s essential that you follow the correct procedures when lifting anything that’s moderately heavy. Follow these guidelines to avoid causing an injury.

5. Avoiding exercise: If you’re resting too much, you could be causing yourself more pain. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to more muscle stiffness and fatigue. It can also put more strain on the joints. But, regular exercise can help to naturally reduce inflammation and keep muscles and joints flexible. Plus, exercise can help keep you fit, which is great for pain since being overweight can cause or worsen it.

Your lifestyle impacts your overall health, so if you’re guilty of any of these bad habits, it may be time to make some small changes. If you don’t know where to start or need advice to start living a healthier life, your chiropractor is more than happy to help.