We know your health and wellness are important to you. Did you know that your chiropractic care doesn’t just end at the chiropractor’s office? If you want to get the most out of your visits, there is still work to be done between appointments to support the chiropractic care you’ve been receiving. And, it’s easy to do!42784455 - chiropractic doing spinal mobilisation in physiotherapist's office

Here are simple ways you can get the most out of your adjustments and become an active participant in your healing process.

1. Drink plenty of water. Water does so many wonders for the body, including flushing toxins. Every time you receive chiropractic adjustments, the stimulation of your body means toxins are released. The best way to support your joint health and continue to nourish your body so the adjustments can do their best work is by consuming the recommended amount of water daily. Start by drinking a large glass of water right after your appointment.

2. Take it easy. But, also, move. Although these adjustments are beneficial, your body needs a moment to rest. Especially in between appointments, when you may be more prone to flare-ups, allow your body to naturally heal by simply giving it a moment’s reprieve here and there. However, you don’t want to remain dormant, which can cause you body to revert back to what was causing you problems to begin with. A nice balance is key.

3. Stretch. Stretching and other core-associated activities like yoga work very well with chiropractic care. Engaging your core with these kind of exercises releases stress from your neck and back, and helps you achieve proper posture, which is so important.

4. Follow the plan. You’ve likely been given a plan for continued health between adjustments. Stick to it for optimal results. This could include specific exercises for your ailment or even a suggestion on how often to visit for your adjustments.

Your back and neck health is a partnership between you and your chiropractor, so in between visits, it’s important to do your part so you can experience optimal spinal health.